All Kellison owners are invited to join the Kellison Registry.The Registry is a  data base consisting of owners, related literature and other supporting material.
  The registry now includes about 120 Kellison owners and lists about 80 pieces of Kellison related literature. Most of which has been contributed by the registrants. The literature includes Kellison ads, catalogs and magazine articles plus Plan Paks (Jim Kellison's construction guides) for the J-4,J-5,J-6 GT40K and the X300GT models. Copies of all literature, is available for copy and postage costs. Also included in the Registry are summary estimates of Kellison body production volumes, interesting web addresses and brief information on some hard to get parts. Cars which are, or might be for sale are also noted.
   There are no obligations (FREE) on the Registrant's part, finical or otherwise, to be included in the registry or to receive the (infrequent) Registry newsletters. The Registry is maintained as a contribution to the Kellison cause.
   If you are a Kellison owner and would like to be included in the Registry, contact Steve using the email link button below. Include your name, postal and E-Mail addresses along with your phone numbers and Kellison body style. Steve will send you a copy of the latest, and future newsletters. If you have any questions or concerns about the registry, let Steve know what they are and he will try to resolve them for you.  Thanks and I hope to see you in the Registry soon. 
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Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
A super special thanks goes out to Hagen Hedfield for all his hard work and dedication to keeping the Kellison registry alive up to date. I will be taking over the registry from this point forward thanks again to Hagen.