This is a new page dedicated to all the Kellisons that are collecting dust some where in a garage or barn. I hope this page motivates you to go out blow the dust off and clean up your car take a couple of pictures.Then email the pictures to me and I will include them on this page. I know that there are a few work in progress Kellison out there my car is one of those and will be the first one to be displayed on this page. I am guilty of not putting allot of work in towards fixing my Kellison (its been 2 years) so I hope this page will get things rolling. Like I said I would love to post some pictures of other work in progress cars please take as many pictures as you want to send and email me a story as to what you have done to the car and what you are doing and what you want to do to the car and I will include it with the pictures. In order for this page to work I need participation from all of you who own Kellisons thanks for looking and email suggestions.
Below is the beautifuly finished car pictured above.